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Business Optimisation & Decision Support

Every business is faced with decisions on a daily basis, some of which are more important (or strategic), than others.  Decision support refers to specific focused engagements that zoom in on a particular issue or opportunity and provide a clear and concise appraisal of the situation so that managers are empowered to make good decisions.  Appraisals will always be strategically aligned, and may include options for dealing with an issue (along with related impacts, risks and success factors), as well as a recommendation, depending on your specific requirements.  Decision support examples include:


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Efficiency reviews look to optimise your business by making better use of existing resources.  This could have the effect of increasing revenue, reducing costs, or simply doing things differently so as to increasing contribution.   A review will look at management, staff, revenue and cost drivers, critical success factors and IT systems in order to identify gaps and opportunities, and present a set of recommendations.


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You can no longer separate business and IT, and yet IT decision are some of the most difficult. There is just so much IT out there but it is difficult to know which systems will add value and which will not.

At 2H Consulting we aim to bridge the gap between IT enthusiasts and the business by offering impartial advice based on what the business needs and not on what is fashionable.


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Decisions to invest capital, most often a scarce resource, requires strategic thinking. Using discounted cashflow techniques as well as qualitative assessments will ensure decision makers understand the true value of an investment opportunity. Whether its a complete business case or a simple valuation, or anything in between, 2H Consulting will tailor a solution to meet your requirements.

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